Praise from past and current clients:

“The way you do the billing is so clear, informative and easy. I really appreciate this. I must love you, paying bills is usually at the bottom of my list.”

“I love that I can send and email and have work done quickly and efficiently.”

“You keep me on track.
You answer my questions in reflective, specific and timely ways.
You ask me the important questions that help me direct my focus.
You offer your experience that guides me.”

“Projects are getting done. There is opening for feedback.”


“I woke up today with a sense of calm and excitement that we accomplished something that has been dragging me down for years! Thank you.” – Highlands Acupuncture

Spiritual Coach

“Thank you again so much for everything you have done this past 10 days to make the e-newsletter a beautiful reality. It’s even more clear why I was never able to get this off the ground by myself. I simply could not have done the things you have achieved so quickly, so elegantly, so efficiently and so gracefully. It has been such a pleasure and so reassuring for me to work with you in this way.” – Philip O’Donohoe 

Author & Intuitive

“Your thoughts and input are all over this book I am finishing. You have helped me so much and I am soooo grateful. I knew from the minute I met you that you were a special person.” – Lightworkers Alliance

Life Coach

“Working with you to set up my new website was not only fun but exceeded all my expectations. I thought all I needed was a bit of help uploading a graphic or two but in your gentle and highly experienced way you guided me to make a good website truly great. You asked the right questions, probed my responses, and taught me an enormous amount with endless patience and good humor. Hard to believe we haven’t met face to face – I feel like you were with me in my office the entire time.  Grateful I found you!!!”  – Judy Elkin

Self-Mastery Coach

“Never have I worked with anyone who is as reliable, accurate, integrous, on top of it & absolutely wonderful as Alli. In a heartbeat, I will use her services for as long as she is available to me!” – Empowering Vision

Spiritual Center

“Alli is an invaluable team member. Her attention to detail, professional conduct, knowledge & skill in almost every aspect of support is well above the norm. She is capable of managing & running a business (even virtually) with impeccable skill & timing. She is a real asset to any business wanting to offer quality services or products. I highly recommend her as she is not only very good at what she does but is a real pleasure to work with.” – The Creative Living Center

Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher

“You are as good as they get; a real ‘A’ member of a team, and I feel lucky that I made contact with you and grateful for how much support you offer me. It inspires me to be that for others, in my own way.”  – Living into Balance