Holistic Business Support Packages

We know the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts – in life, and in business.

Thus we offer holistic, cohesive support through these all-important, three layers: Business Coaching, Marketing Strategy, and a Virtual Team to implement. 

Are you ready to shift your entrepreneurial experience from these common woes: 

  • Entrepreneurial tunnel vision – only seeing and tending to what must be done immediately “stuck in the weeds”(bookkeeping, web updates, formatting your newsletter and blog posts), without taking time to clarify the big picture. 
  • Hiring a business coach or purchase a course, and then are unable to apply the learning to your unique goals and business.
  • Trying to implement marketing strategies that you haven’t taken the time to fully iterate into your business and align with your strengths and business model. 

Our packages help you focus on the big picture first, and then funnel that clarity through the two other layers of business: Marketing Strategy and Implementation via your Virtual Team. You won’t be spinning your wheels at the micro level, or straining to be the Project Manager and bridge the gaps any more – we bring in a solid team to guide you to clarity about the big picture, and to take care of the details along the way.

Your Virtual Allies provides all 3 layers of support in one cohesive package, and scales the packages to 3 common levels of business: 



Fast Lane

1 Business & Marketing Strategy Coaching Call 

2 Business & Marketing Strategy Coaching Calls 

3 Business & Marketing Strategy Coaching Calls 

1 Project Management Session

3 Project Management Sessions

4 Project Management Sessions 

14 Virtual Assistant hours

30 Virtual Assistant hours

44 Virtual Assistant hours

$900 per month

$1,800 per month

$2,700 per month

Book a free consult

Book a free consult

Book a free consult

All meetings are 60 minutes, and can be broken up into 30 minute segments for increased frequency if effective. Minimum commitment of 3 months. Can upgrade and downgrade package level as needed.

What’s the difference between the 3 services? 


Business Strategy Coaching

This is where we sit down and discuss where you are in your business, where you’d like to go, and the most effective route from point A to point B. This is where we begin our journey as your business companions – right from the foundation!

We also talk about priorities, projects and tasks for the coming month – we understand that online business reality is dynamic, that’s why we set aside an hour each month to catch up and update strategic plans if necessary.

Common topics:

  • Revenue Model
  • Offers
  • Annual planning
  • Marketing Strategy

Project Management Session

Once we set goals and outline strategy during our business consult, it’s time to manage and plan the implementation process. This is where you sit down with a Project Manager, and break down the strategy into actionable tasks, which are scheduled over the working month. Tasks are batched for effectiveness, and assigned to VA team members, based on their zone of genius.

You receive a monthly schedule of all the work that you and the team needs to complete, ready to be taken to town by our team of expert VA’s, who specialize in all areas of online business. All tasks are added to your team Asana account, with detailed descriptions, deliverables and deadlines. A VA team member is already assigned to each task too!

Implementation – Virtual Assistant hours

This is where the details are attended to – you sit back and focus on what you love doing most, while our team of pro VA’s become busy bees, working away for your online success!

Team members are assigned to relevant tasks, and have all the information they need to start working. You can communicate with your VA’s in Asana as needed, where all the conversations stay in one place (no more long, confusing email chains!).