Intuitive Consulting


Expand Your Perspective
for a
Truly Strategic Edge

Intuitive Consulting was born out of the necessity of the times we live in. Our world is full of highly complex situations involving multiple moving parts, key players, considerations, and decisions. The problems we are expected to solve in our daily work and personal lives often seem insurmountable. As Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved
from the same level of consciousness
that created it.”

The level of consciousness that created the problems of today was primarily that of the rational, analytical mind – often referred to as the left brain. To expand our consciousness and access truly creative and sustainable solutions, we need to utilize the whole brain and being, which is where Intuitive Consulting comes in.

Effective leaders and decision-makers recognize what neuroscience has proven – that we can utilize our ‘whole brain’ or a larger perspective, instead of just the ‘right brain’ capacities for linear, rational thinking. They know that non-physical information – utilizing our ‘gut sense’ or intuition – is not only helpful but required in order to access wisdom and success. Intuitive Consulting integrates a greater perspective with strategic thinking.

Traditional Western culture judges the use of a sixth sense (beyond what we can physically see, touch, taste, hear or smell) as unscientific and unreliable.

Yet those who leverage Intuitive Consulting experience greater innate fulfillment and external success:

⇒ Steve Jobs worked with a Zen master who served as a corporate spiritual advisor

⇒ American technology giant Seagate hired an Intuitive Consultant to support it’s research and marketing teams, touting “She was amazing. Anybody who can afford her will get 100 times their money’s worth.”

⇒ Columbia Business School’s MBA training includes a course on Strategic Intuition

Successful people leverage their strengths and fill the gaps of their blind spots. This includes delegating to team members, hiring out work, as well as consulting with trusted advisers. Advisors often include leadership coaches, personal trainers, financial advisors, spiritual aids… and in present day culture, Intuitive Consultants.

Including a professional Intuitive Consultant on your team will give you access to a competitive edge, fresh perspectives, greater wisdom, smarter decisions and deeper confidence.

Do you relate to any of these scenarios?

1. You don’t know what you don’t know.
I.e. you can’t identify the tap root of the problem. If you did know, you’d have pulled it up long ago! Intuitive Coaching can be a powerful diagnostic to determine what the root cause is (as well as how to shift it).

2. You know what the challenge is, but it won’t budge.
You’ve known about the problem, you’ve tried to address it through different doorways, but nothing seems to work.

3. The problem keeps re-creating itself.
Like the trick birthday candles that can’t be blown out, you just keep putting out fires that crop up in a different project or relationship.

Typical Questions Brought to an Intuitive Consultant

These common situations lead clients to ask Intuitive Consultants questions such as:

1. How can we best cooperate with external collaborative partners (subcontractors, ownership companies, suppliers, members of joint projects, etc.)?

2. How can we best deal with particular government regulations, labor organizations, tax laws, import-export restrictions, licensing, security requirements, etc.?

3. Why is a particular product (or service) not selling? What can be done to make it more successful?

4. Where is the best location for our… (research center, manufacturing facility, administrative office, etc.)? Would we be better off to build or buy? When to do so?

5. What is the best way to market a particular new product or service: where to sell it and to whom, best timing, best packaging, how to present it, type of advertising, sales effort, etc.

6. How can we accommodate future social changes in the national market, within the evolving international situation, in public tastes and preferences, in the labor force, in financial markets, etc.?

7. How can we best work with various employee groups (unions, women, unproductive workers, near-retirees, dissatisfied employees, unappreciated teams, etc.)?

8. What particular opportunities and challenges are coming up in the future for our organization?

Common Benefits

Intuitive Consulting can help with many different situations, including but not limited to:

  • Tunnel vision – needing a fresh perspective
  • Analysis paralysis – needing clarity about what steps to take next and momentum to get going
  • Clearing the slate among troubled relationships or situations – so you can start fresh
  • Easier navigation of growth and change, including a more authentic and updated expression of self / organization
  • Greater alignment with purpose and thus fulfillment
  • Support and confidence in decision making
  • Discovering new possibilities and aspects of self / organization
  • Reallocating efforts – clarifying when it’s time to let go of what no longer serves 
  • Streamlining for greater sustainability and financial gain
  • Greater trust – in self, gut instincts, goodness in others and a friendly universe

Intuitive Coaching might be a fit if you are:

  • looking for a fresh approach with fast results
  • open to something bigger than your limited, right-brain-only, egoic self
  • receptive to intuitive practices and alternative techniques
  • committed to advancing forward towards achieving results

How is an Intuitive Consultant different from other Consultants?

Intuitive Consultants have both innate talents and honed skills within the intuitive realms (seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling a greater field of non-physical information). They have worked to open intuitive capacities that most people are capable of, but very few have developed. They blend this with strong capacities for questioning and strategic thinking.

Their role is similar to that of a traditional life coach or consultant, but they guide you in a different way. Rather than only focusing on secular elements of life (habits, skills, goal-setting), they integrate spiritual principles as well – gauging your energy and emphasizing healing of the root cause of the situation.

When working with an Intuitive Consultant, you can expect to confront issues that have been holding you back. As uncomfortable as confrontation can be, it’s often necessary for forward movement. They are exceptional at bringing greater awareness to patterns of habit, thought and emotion that perpetually keep you in a rut. Intuitive Consultants are exceptional at helping clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.

Enhancing Your Gut Sense

Receiving Intuitive Coaching comes with the added benefit of supporting a long-term expansion of your own Intuitive capacities. Our coaches hold the intention for you to be empowered in strengthening your ability to tap into a wider field of consciousness, beyond the left brain, linear thinking.

Basic Principles of Intuitive Consulting

You don’t need to know or understand these principles to experience the benefit, but inquiring minds might want to know…

1. We’re each an interconnected part of the whole, and thus are empowered when working together.
We cannot do it all by ourselves, but instead need to work together to overcome challenges and create solutions.

2. We each have a unique set of talents and skills, which can be leveraged for greater success.
Not everyone can be a great tech company CEO – the innate talents and honed skills of such a role are for those who truly fit the position. Similarly, not everyone is an Intuitive Coach able to ‘see energy’, sense where the root cause of troubles lies, or converse with non-physical beings. Yet we can share our unique talents and gifts, to help each other move through challenges and experience greater fulfillment.

3. Addressing stuckness at the energetic level clears blocks and creates flow.
On a molecular level, everything is made of the same stuff – energy. Physics informs us that whether the material formation is a desk, dog, human or other, it all breaks down to the same minute atoms, just in different arrangements. Intuitive Coaches are trained to follow the lines if energy down to the point where things are stuck, and to help name what got it all tangled in the first place, so the energy can flow again and you can experience ease and forward momentum.

Interested in Intuitive Consulting?