Marketing Strategy Case Study

YVA’s Marketing Strategy Services were employed to promote a simple redesign of an existing lead offer in the form of an ebook.

The redesign included a new title, and shorter, new content. This was easily obtained in a few conversations; since the original lead magnet was offered, the client had spent years gaining valuable experience teaching mindfulness practices to health care practitioners.

The promotion strategy included new landing pages via LeadPages, a basic launch to the existing email subscribers, an editorial calendar that encompassed blog and Facebook page activity, and updated placement of opt-in opportunities on the client’s website.

Within 4 weeks, the new lead offer was updated on the website, sent to the list of 250 contacts, and shared 3 times in total on the client’s personal and business Facebook pages. In that time the client’s email list organically grew by 10%. Over 6 weeks, with additional promotional efforts, the website analytics reported the following increases:

Metric % Increase
Users 136.59%
New Users 156.34%
Sessions 77.03%
Pageviews 33.20%
Organic Search 277.78%

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