Vision – Business Coaching

Within your business and life, how adept are you at moving along the spectrum from the big-picture, 30,000-foot perspective to the tiny details and tasks perspective? When the two ends of this spectrum are well connected by a solid vision, there is more ease, clarity and enjoyment in decision making, delegation, systems, team members and more. 

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Plan – Marketing Strategy Services

For experienced clients with developed offerings, YVA offers Marketing Strategy services. This type of support aims to build and retain an engaged following and then sell those offerings. We achieve this by analyzing the current state of the business, its following, and its sales. From there we employ a unique formula intended to achieve predetermined goals. Marketing Strategy Packages offer a higher level of support, centered around building, engaging, and converting your audience.

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Implement – Project Management Services

YVA pairs each client with a Project Manager (PM). This PM assesses the status of the project and what needs to be done, then builds and oversees a team that makes it happen. We’ve found this to be the best approach for to projects that require multiple types of support, such as graphic design, web design, copywriting and more.

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