Plan – Marketing Strategy

What’s your Plan for getting the word out about your work? What is your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy aims to build and retain an engaged following and then sell products to those followers. This is achieved through analysis of the current state of the business, its following, and its sales which is followed by employing a unique formula intended to achieve the business’s goals.

Marketing Strategy tackles goals as simple as building website traffic and as complex as creating lasting, loyal relationships. Why such a broad range? Because these objectives have something in common: they are achieved through deliberate, authentic actions.

Marketing Strategy Packages offer a higher level of support, centered around building, engaging, and converting your audience.

What kind of things can I accomplish through a Marketing Strategy Package?

A few examples of what can be done with Marketing Strategy support include:

  • Building a following that’s not just a lot of people, but the right people
  • Surveying and segmenting your email list to better serve them and meet their needs
  • Creating automated sales funnels that turn subscribers into loyal followers, and eventually into buyers
  • Getting your lead magnet(s) in front of ideal clients to increase engagement
  • Setting up the infrastructure required for your promotional efforts to run on autopilot

And more!

What does a Marketing Strategy Package look like?

Examples of structures created within Marketing Strategy Packages:

  • Designing a lead magnet / freebie to attract new leads and nurture current subscribers (click here to see a Mini Case Study)
  • Copywriting / editing a welcome email sequence (3-7 emails automated to deliver over a pre-set period of time) to automatically engage and serve new followers as soon as they subscribe
  • Identifying each step within a larger sales funnel that nurtures leads from brand-new to referring-customers
  • Launching a product or service, like an online course
  • Automated list segmenting through the build-out of multiple different funnels and lead 

Am I ready for a Marketing Strategy Package?

If you are in the very beginning stages of your business and still getting your footing, you may not be ready for this type of support yet. One way to tell: business owners who are ready to receive and make the most of marketing strategy services have the following:

  1. A clearly identified business purpose, and a confident answer to these questions: What problem(s) do you and your business solve? Who do you solve these problem for?
  2. At least one developed offering (product and/or service), which serves as the solution to the problem you solve.
  3. Specific business goals. This means, for example, sales goals that are more detailed than “sell and make money.” These goals can also pertain to audience growth and engagement or enrollment numbers.

Does this sound familiar?  

Here’s what lack of strategy tends to look like in corporations or even small businesses:

“As long as it’s fast paced and people are challenged to ‘keep up’ (or are even dropping like flies) it’s all good because it proves that we’re getting stuff done! So down that double espresso, sling your hair in a messy bun, and let’s get this sh** done! Wahoo! Who needs strategy planning and all that, as long as the business is moving!”

Then when it’s budget reconciliation or debrief time, “Where’s all the money gone? How come the margins / registrations are so low? WHAT HAPPENED? Lets fire everyone and start again. We just need a different team, or more team members. That launch formula didn’t work for our audience, let’s use this other one.”

What’s needed is a sound Marketing Strategy – not speed. 

Red flags that it’s time for a Marketing Strategy:

  1. Marketing Sprawl 
    Your marketing efforts are inconsistent and sprawling across multiple avenues (e.g. 3+ different social media platforms, an older affiliate program that hasn’t been revisited, a website that needs the offerings pages updated, a small email list that you contact every few months or less, etc.). You feel confused about which avenue is best to focus on, because none of them have proven to be highly effective thus far.
  2. Ineffective Marketing 
    You’ve launched your offering (e.g. an online course) more than once, and yet each time registration goals are lower than you had hoped for. Whether you repeated the same marketing plan, or did a full u-turn to try a totally different marketing plan, nothing has really gained traction yet to increase ROI on your offer(s).
  3. Lost in offer-land 
    You love interacting with students / clients and creating support, and thus you just keep pumping out free content or iterating your original offers. You haven’t evolved or put much energy into refreshed marketing of these honed offers. You notice attrition and/ or lack of engagement among your email subscribers or social media network(s).
  4. Marketing Aversion 
    Marketing and selling don’t feel inspired or easy, but instead feel obligatory, murky or overwhelming. E.g. “Every time I think about my sales page or promo funnel I want to bury my head in the sand / go eat popcorn and watch netflix.” You put off promotion, and seem to repetitively have just a few weeks, if that, to promote your offering, and end up scrambling around to get registrations.

What else should I know about Marketing Strategy Services?

In most cases, investing in a Marketing Strategy Package is largely about laying foundations that will have an impact later on. It is a long-term investment, so you will be best served by holding realistic expectations – the full ROI will not be immediately after the strategy is put into place.

That said, well-implemented and strategic marketing efforts can have a significant impact on product and service launches down the line. They can also make it easier to know who your audience is, so your business continues to grow in a way that deeply serves them.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Awesome! The next step is to complete our intake form and schedule a Strategy Consultation. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to be, and how a custom Marketing Strategy Package can help get you there.