Implement – Project Management

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki 

Who will implement your Vision and Marketing Strategy? 

Yes, you can likely do a lot of it on your own. But you can do it faster, smarter and better with a Virtual Team supporting you. We create systems and structures to sustainably support you and your business for years to come. 

Red Flags That You Need Project Management Services

  • Not a native ‘systems’ thinker, don’t enjoy or feel super adept at bringing structure to creativity 
  • Tried to hire help in the past, but couldn’t figure out what to have them do to help
  • Doing repeat tasks but not sure how to automate or streamline them – losing time looking for documents / emails you supposedly filed
  • A nagging feeling that you’re just not working effectively or even moments of panic about all the things you simply can’t attend to
  • Wondering about the potential collapse of the ‘castle in the sand’ that is your business


As a prospective client, you receive a Free Consult to determine your needs and how we can help. This is often a logical and helpful next step: 

Systems Set Up Package

Most online business owners started by jumping right into the ‘doing’ of their business; working ‘in the business’ serving clients, vs. ‘on the business’ setup of structure and systems. It doesn’t take long for the business to appear to be operating, and yet the back end is a big, inefficient mess that feels like it will cave in. We can help you build a strong foundation for your business to thrive! 

Package Inclusions 

1. YVA’s guide to how to effectively delegate

2. Organize your logins within a free, secure service to easily share with team members 

3. Set up outline of Google Drive folders & provide orientation video on how to effectively use them for your business

4. Outline of your business’s projects in Task Management System to easily delegate to team member(s) & identify potential automations

5. List of Standard Operating Procedures for team member(s) to create and utilize – ensuring systems prevail over any single person who may come in to support

6. Outline of team member needs for basic job description

7. Initial meeting with Project Manager – fill in any details

8. Master Doc with Overview of New Business Systems 

9. Final meeting with Project Manager – assessment and recommendations on next steps

The Systems Set Up Package is worth over $1,000, but we’ve streamlined the work in order to lower the price. We bring you the best of today’s online platforms, our systems brains, and over a decade of experience bringing order to chaos. We create an initial outline of structure for you and your business to both rest into and launch from. Upon completion of this package, you can take the assessments and systems to a different virtual team, or you may want to continue working with us. 

Total investment in the Systems Set Up Package: $537

To book your complimentary discovery session and determine if the Systems Set Up Package is right for you, click here.