Isn’t it time you had a Virtual Team?

We offer holistic, cohesive support for online business owners via 3 important tiers of support: Business Coaching, Marketing Strategy, and a Virtual Team.

Are you ready to shift out of these common woes: 

  • Entrepreneurial tunnel vision – only seeing and tending to what must be done immediately, keeping you “stuck in the weeds” (bookkeeping, web updates, formatting newsletters and blog posts).
  • Hiring a business coach or purchasing a course that you don’t fully utilize.
  • Trying to implement formulaic marketing strategies without considering your strengths or business model.

Our packages help you focus on the big picture first, and then funnel that clarity through the two other layers: Marketing Strategy and Implementation.

You won’t be spinning your wheels at the micro level, or straining to be the Project Manager and bridge the gaps – we bring in a solid team to guide you to clarity about the big picture, and to take care of the details along the way.

Your Virtual Allies provides all 3 layers of support in one cohesive package, and scales the packages to 3 common levels of business: 



Fast Lane

1 Business Coaching Call 

 2 Business Coaching Call

3 Business Coaching Calls

1 Marketing Strategy Call

2 Marketing Strategy Calls 

3 Marketing Strategy Calls

1 Project Management Call

2 Project Management Cals

3 Project Management Calls

14 Virtual Assistant hours

30 Virtual Assistant hours

44 Virtual Assistant hours

$900 per month

$1,800 per month

$2,700 per month

Book a free consult

Book a free consult

Book a free consult


Minimum commitment of 3 months. Can upgrade and downgrade package level as needed. Custom packages available.

What’s the difference between the 3 levels of service? 


Business Coaching

This is where we sit down and discuss where you are in your business, and where you’d like to go. This is where we begin our journey as your business companions – right from the foundation!

We clarify priorities and values, to ensure the business is aligned. For more information click here.

Marketing Strategy

Once you’re clear and aligned in your goals after Business Coaching, we move into designing the Marketing Strategy.

This is where owners tend to get overwhelmed by the endless options and/or intimidated by the need for a new skillset. Often it can feel as if you need a totally different personality to engage with certain marketing strategies (e.g. being an entertainer in order to effectively utilize video marketing). We work to match you with strategies that suit your personality, business, audience and more.

To see if you might need support with Marketing Strategy read more here.

Virtual Team

This level of support beings with call(s) with your Project Manager (PM). S/he will help break down the strategy into actionable tasks, which are scheduled over the working month(s). This is where the details are attended to – you sit back and focus on what you love doing most, while our team of pro Virtual Assistants (VAs) become busy bees, working away for your online success!

All tasks are added to your team Asana account, with detailed descriptions, deliverables and deadlines, where all the conversations stay in one place (no more long, confusing email chains!).

Your PM will keep a bird’s eye view on the tasks and team members, so everything is moving along. This is typically where business owners get distracted working ‘in the business’ trying to manage daily operations and team members, instead of working ‘on the business’ to grow and expand.

To see if you might need a Virtual Team, read more here.